Whole Language Voices in Teacher Education

Keywords: Deaf Education Information/Books and Journals/Related professional resources

Edited by Kathryn F. Whitmore and Yetta M. Goodman
for the Center for Expansion of Language and Thinking

360 pages/ paperback
ISBN: 1-57110-028-8

This book, collaboratively developed by a network of hundreds of CELT (Center for Expansion of Language and Thinking) members and colleagues, provides a theoretical framework as well as practical ideas for teaching. It offers teacher educators models of how others have struggled to practice what they teach.

In addition to being a theoretical research document, Whole Language Voices in Teacher Education is a genuinely practical compendium of ideas and procedures:

No other book addresses these issues in such a comprehensive, accessible manner. Teacher educators in universities and colleges as well as district inservice directors will find it particularly appropriate for courses in teacher education. And as teacher educators themselves reflect on their practice and consider ways to innovate and develop in their classes, they will take heart from reading stories of how others have dealt with similar challenges.

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