Curricular Conversations:

Themes in Multilingual and Monolingual Classrooms

Keywords: Deaf Education Information/Books and Journals/Related professional resources

by Stephen B. Kucer, Cecilia Silva, and Esther L. Delgado-Larocco

200 pages/ paperback
ISBN: 1-57110-016-4

The twenty-nine themes outlined in Curricular Conversations cover all sorts of interests and subject matters. These themes are not presented as prepackaged activity sets but in a framework with outlines of strategies and techniques.
By combining the theory and application of teaching with themes, Curricular Conversations:

The key word here is "conversations." The authors feel that all students- whatever their abilities, languages, or literacy levels may be- should be able to join in and be engaged by the conversations about so many interesting things that a theme holds.

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