As a Way of Knowing

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by Nick Page

November 1996
80 pages- paperback
ISBN: 1-57110-052-0

Nick Page loves to make and share music with his students, and it's likely that you will too by the time you've finished his passionate, thought-provoking book. You will also have developed a new understanding of and appreciation for the role music can play in supporting learners. Nick is particularly devoted to multicultural music and works diligently to promote music of diverse cultures.

Rich with ideas on how to use music in the classroom, Music as Way of Knowing will appeal especially to classroom teachers who are not musicians, but who enjoy and learn form music and want to use it with their students.
Nick provides simple instructions for writing songs, using music to support learning across the curriculum, teaching singing effectively, and finding good songs. He assures you that with time, all students can sing well. The good news is that once you've read this book, you'll have the confidence to trust yourself- and your students- to sing and learn well through the joy and power of music.

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