Literature Circles:

Voice and Choice in the Student- Centered Classroom

Keywords: Deaf Education Information/Books and Journals

by Harvey Daniels

216 pages/ paperback
ISBN: 1-57110-000-8

Two potent ideas- independent reading and cooperative learning- come together in this practical and exciting book.

This unique model of literature circles was developed by a team of midwest teachers who combined local inventions with models appearing in the national professional literature. Daniels and his colleagues have been especially concerned with the issues of management, the preparation of students, and enacting the principles of classroom democracy and group dynamics. Their special contribution has been to add to literature circles the key formal elements of collaborative learning- particularly through the varied roles used to guide students in newly formed groups.
The book presents a particularly effective way of getting started, using temporary role sheets to create quick, successful implementation of student- led discussion groups. Also offered are a variety of structures and procedures for managing literature circles over the long run, strategies which solidify and deepen the contribution which this special activity can make to balance the curriculum across grade levels.
Drawing on stories from twenty-two classroom teachers who work with students from kindergarten through college, this book delivers ample guidance and inspiration for teachers who want to implement literature circles for themselves.

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