Learning to See:

Assessment Through Observation

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by Mary Jane Drummond

208 pages/ paperback
ISBN: 1-57110-004-0

Unlike much work on assessment that has appeared lately, this book goes beyond alternative techniques and instruments and proposes that accurate assessment must begin with close observation of children's learning before they can begin any accurate assessment. Drummond believes that children have a right to education , and teachers can only meet their responsibilities for children through judicious assessment based on observation in all subjects. She argues that assessment is not simply an objective or mechanical task, but a process involving the subjective perceptions of the teacher in which an understanding of children's learning can be used to create and improve curriculum.

Learning to See is illuminated with first-hand accounts of children's learning, taken from the author's research, from practicing teachers' studies of their classrooms and students, and from the work of such significant figures as Paul Light, L.S. Vygotsky, and Margaret Donaldson. Thus, teachers will find a basis in theory to support this thoughtful approach to assessment, which examines holistically what children bring to their schooling and explores ways of helping them derive the most from it.
An excellent choice for inservice or preservice training, Learning to See will be welcomed by anyone with a professional interest in ensuring that assessment is made to work in the interests of children.

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