As a Way of Knowing

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Paul G. Heller

November 1996
96 pages- paperback
ISBN: 1-57110-050-4

Drama as a Way of Knowing will not only inspire K-12 teachers, it will encourage administrators and teacher educators to explore the learning role drama might play in their work as well.
Paul Heller, an experienced teacher, playwright, and producer, will convince and assure you that drama is already a part of your classroom. He explains how you can harness that dramatic energy and use it as an effective learning tool.
He also presents management and organization tips. Through his Ten-Step Process in which, you, the teacher, are the director, he shows what you should do to guide your students through rewarding dramatic experiences.
Drama is a wonderful learning tool that enables students to access and explore the curriculum in ways that promote deeper thinking. And, as you will find, it's great fun as well!

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