Continuous Learning

Keywords: Deaf Education Information/Books and Journals/Related professional resources

Lois Bridges

November 1996
112 pages- paperback
ISBN: 1-57110-048-2

This book provides a wide range of teacher-developed kidwatching and assessment forms to show different ways to reflect on children's work. It offers developmental checklists, student and child interview suggestions, guidelines for using portfolios, rubrics, and self-evaluation profiles. Also included are Dialogues that invite reflection, Shoptalks that offer lively reviews of the best and latest professional literature, and Teacher-To-Teacher Field Notes offering tips from practicing educators.
Lois identifies five perspectives on assessment to think about when designing your own assessments:

As you continuously evaluate and monitor your students' learning using a variety of assessment tools, you can design instruction and create curriculum that will stretch your students' knowledge and expand their learning worlds.

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