Creating Your Classroom Community

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Lois Bridges

November 1996
112 pages- paperback
ISBN: 1-57110-049-0

Creating Your Classroom Community offers the basics of effective elementary school teaching. You'll explore ways to

After reading this book, you'll learn not only what to do to create a classroom community that fosters each student as a learner, but why you do it. You'll learn to take your instructional cues from your students rather than from textbooks or teaching manuals. And you'll learn how to use assessment data to guide your instructional decision making.
You'll learn how to revise your teaching through self-reflection. What seems to work well in your classroom and why? What isn't working as well and why? What do you need to rework and how should you go about it? Such questions lead to changes, to appraisal of the results, and to further revision, leading to ever-more effective teaching.
With the author as your guide, visit the classrooms of twenty-one talented elementary school teachers. Their vision and expertise form the heart of this inspiring guide to effective teaching. .

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