Once Upon A Time:

Children's Classics Retold in American Sign Language

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Retold by Ben Bahan and Nathie Marbury
6 sets, 12 titles
$24.95 each set
(video and storybook)

This first series includes six of the most popular Children's Classics from Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. When introduced in 1990, these videotapes and accompanying storybooks set new ASL standards that remain unmatched in the industry. Storytellers Ben Bahan and Nathie Marbury team up to present the best in children's literature and in a popular medium: ASL. Children and adults-deaf and hearing alike- continue to be entertained and enriched by every one of the videotapes.

Each classic is first presented in ASL on videotape, then translated into English in the storybook to make it even easier for emerging readers to follow along and read aloud on their own. Children will delight in seeing their favorite tales come to life through the storytelling videotapes and imaginatively illustrated storybooks which include a sign glossary.

Highly entertaining videotapes. Easy-to-read storybooks. Plus tips for schoolteachers and parents on how to use the program. Ideal for teaching Deaf children English or vice -versa!

Hans Christian Andersen's Tales:

Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales:

The Little Mermaid
One VHS 45 minutes
36-page storybook
ISBN: 0-915035-39-1
#4501 $29.95
The Fisherman and His Wife & Hansel and Gretell
One VHS 30 minutes
36-page storybook
ISBN: 0-1915035-41-3
#4503 $29.95
The Emperor's New Clothes & Hans Clodhopper
One VHS 30 minutes
36-page storybook
ISBN: 0-1915035-40-2
#4502 $29.95
The Musicians of Bremen & Rapunzel & The Sleeping Beauty
One VHS 45 minutes
44-page storybook
ISBN: 0-915035-42-1
#4504 $29.95
The Princess and the Pea & Inchelina
One VHS 30 minutes
32-page storybook
ISBN: 0-915035-43-X
#4505 $29.95
Cinderella & Rumpelstiltskin
One VHS 30 minutes
36-page storybook
ISBN: 0-915035-44-8
#4506 $29.95

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