Cochlear Implant:

Deaf Community's Point of View

Very informative about a timely community issue

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One 60-minute Video
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Produced by Beyond Sound Productions and hosted by Mel and Sharon Carter, this essential video contains current information that can enlighten viewers about the deaf person's concerns regarding the so-called wonders of cochlear implants. The first part, narrated in a soft-spoken and clear manner, covers facts about how cochlear implants work and shows illustrations of the ear.

In the second part, you'll see the Deaf Community's response as Dr. Carol Padden, Dr. Lawrence Fleischer and other esteemed Deaf leaders share their ad hoc committee findings. These findings are based on extensive interviews with Dr. House of the House Ear Institute and others who are advocates of cochlear implants for "hearing impaired people."

Viewers will benefit from the factual information about the cochlear implants and the deaf community's response to their controversial use. The committee members respond to a variety of issues: the false impression that cochlear implants will totally restore one's hearing; images that the media have created about cochlear implants; and viewpoints of both the pathological medical community and the Deaf community.

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