Initial and Ongoing Endorsement

The Council of Education of the Deaf is an organization sponsored by the six national premiere organization in deafness. The Council maintains high standards for persons working with deaf and/or hard of hearing students in the education process. To this end, the Council certifies the following professionals according to the established guidelines in the specific area of training and experience.

The Council maintains reasonable fees for certification with CED. To this end, the following categories constitute the current fees. Each certification with CED is good for 5 years from the date of issuance.
Initial Teacher Certification$50.00
(unless submitted by the program director of approved CED teacher training program as part of a group application...each certification is 40.00).
Teacher Certification Renewal$50.00
Supervisors of Instruction$50.00
Late Fees (lapsed certification)$10.00

Those interested in obtaining initial provisional or professional certification with CED may do so by applying directly to:
Dr. Reginald Redding
Council on Education of the Deaf
c/o Post Office Box #77090
Washington, D.C 20013-7090
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