Sourcebook Of Independent Living Skills Curricula For Traditionally Underserved Persons Who Are Deaf

Edited by: Stephan J. Larew, M.A.

Northern Illinois University

Research and Training Center on Traditionally

Underserved Persons Who Are Deaf

DeKalb, IL 60115

The curriculum materials described in this book range from one-page worksheets or checklists to published curricula. Some of the materials were written specifically for the target population but many materials must be adapted. In some cases, the material is more appropriate as a resource than for consumer distribution. Many memebers of the traditionally underserved deaf population require an individualized approach. For this reason instructors must select materials and develop lesson plans to meet the needs of individuals. This book includes an instructional guidelines chapter that will assist them with that need.

Table of Contents

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Uploaded by: Melissa Close/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major