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The philosophy section is included because it shows an example of a couple different philosophies. It also indicates that every school district needs a philosophy to be successful. These show why mathematics is integrated into the curriculum.

The teaching of mathematics should develop both the skills and the interest in mathematics plus the ability to apply this learning to the students' chosen lifestyles. The students should be encouraged to develop a desire to learn mathematics commensurate with their needs. The school system should strive to provide an opportunity for all students to reach their mathematical potential at their own rate of learning. We believe the focus should be a well-balanced presentation of continuous skill development and application.

Philosophy of the Mathematics Program

The mathematics program is designed to foster and maintain an interest in the study of mathematics as well as to develop the proficiency needed to meet the demands of everyday life. To these ends, the mathematics program provides each student with a sequential development of mathematical concepts, computational skills, and problem solving strategies commensurate with his/her ability in a manner consistent with the district philosophy of the Hudson Local Schools.

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