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Establish a system through which our students are encultruated into a community of learners. A community that shares "what works," "what is needed" and that collaboratively works together to accomplish common goals. Within this community, the Internet serves as the essential communicaiton and information tool and students, as mentored by their teachers, serve as the "apprentices."

Such an enculturation process is currently being carried out at the Kent State University, Deaf Education, Teacher Preparation Program. Within that Program, students and faculty are involved in the fpllowing activities:
  1. Cyber Teacher
  2. After School Project
  3. Moulton Hall Project
  4. Student Portfolios
  5. EDUDEAF Listserv
  6. "Mining" & "Surfing"
  7. CED Web Site
  8. ACE-D/HH Web Site
  9. Internet Introduction & Use
  10. Establishing Collaborative Networks
  11. Student Papers/Presentations
  12. "URL" Search & Evaluations
  13. Responding to "Submit" Questions
  14. Providing Technical Support to Mentoring Teachers
  15. Survey of Current & Projected Net Use
  16. Monitoring Professional Listservs
  17. Developing Explanations of Net Use
  18. Creating Instructional Resources
  19. Providing Workshops for "Newbies" & "Surfers"
  20. Supporting Ongoing Professional Development
  21. Searching for New Professional Text

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Collaborative Design:
  1. Why
  2. What
  3. How
  4. Impact
  5. Examples

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