Teacher Preparation...Concepts

  1. While it is impossible to teach our students everything that they need to know, it is possible to help them to become more effective learners and sharers of information.

  2. While out instiutions are maganificant repositories of information, such information is often "unfocused" in relation to the day-to-day realities our students will face following graduation.

  3. While the professional responsibilities and expectations of faculty make it very difficult to spend significant amounts of time in the field, teachers face the same constraints in relation to existing and emerging research. As a result, a gap exists between what we research and what we do.

  4. While teaching is an inherently public act, it is also an extremely priviate experience. Rarely do we ever have/take the opportunity to observe our peers teaching or invite peer review of our own teaching. As a result, while many of us teach related or sequential courses, we do not know what or how our peers teach.

  5. All of us have spent our professional careers gathering, synthesizing and applying information. All of us have taught countless classes, given numerous presentations and written a substantial number of publications and grants. Yet in most cases, very little of what we know, and even liess of what we ask our students to do, is ever shared.

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