Collaboration - What?

A. Preservice Teachers....serving as:
  1. information gathers and shares
    • information
    • curriculum materials
    • proven instructional strategies, materials, activities and evaluation designs
  2. technical assistants
    • providing "on-site" technological assistance to teachers and students
  3. instructional facilitators
    • in collaboration with existing teachers, expand learning opportunities for d/hh students via the use of Net based activities, e.g., pen-pals, after school research sessions

B. Existing Teachers....serving as:
  1. mentors and guides by sharing w/ preservice teachers:
    • information that they would like to know
    • curriculum materials that they would like to use
    • the instructional strategies, materials, activities and evaluation designs that they have found to work
  2. learners in their collaborative development of technological skills
  3. instructional facilitators, in their co-design and implementation of Net based learning opportunities for their students

C. College/University Faculty....serving as:
  1. facilitators for both preservice and existing teachers collaborative, Net based work
  2. researchers regarding the impact of the collaborative, Net based work
  3. integrators of the resulting information into the curriculum designs of Teacher Preparation Programs

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