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Read this on TAWL-A list. Thought it sounded like an excellent activity. I first asked the poster if I could share it with this list. She was happy to do so. ----------------------------Original message---------------------------- Return-Path:

Hi TAWLers,

I read a book to my 2nd grade class before break that I would like to recomend to all of you. It is wonderful. _Donovan's Word Jar_ is writen by Mona Lisa deGross. It is aboaut a little boy who has friends with collections and he wants to collect something as well. He decides to collect words that are really interesting and sound neat when he says them. He saves them in a jar. When the jar is full he has a problem. He doesn't know what to do. He gets some suggestions from mom and grandma but none seem right. During a visit to grandma at her retirement apartment he forgets his word jar in the lounge area. When he goes to retrieve it the elderly residents have been in the jar, each choosing words that spark a memory of days gone by. It is terrific and sparked our classroom word jar which we add to daily. Words must be special, unusual. On Friday we empty the word jar, read the words, talk about them and add them to our word wall. What a fun on-going activity it has been. Hope some of you give the book a read.

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