EDUDEAF: Aeronautic Links for Elementary Students

Key Words:Curriculum Materials, Science, Grades 3-5

From: (Jackie Romeo)
Subject: HILITES> 3-5: Flying High into Research with Cyber Skyschool
Project: Flying High into Research with Cyber Skyschool
Date: Feb. 1 to Mar. 24

Purpose: Students will learn to work cooperatively on a team to research answers to questions they pose about flying. Then they will learn to make a model aircraft, test fly it, and record distances of the flights on data sheets. We will use the internet to share results with other schools. Good aeronautic links for elementary students found will be posted at the Cyber Skyschool.

Subjects: Multidisciplinary --Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies

Grade levels: 3-5


Come fly with us at a new school, a Cyber Skyschool. We promise lots of learning. We invite others to join us in our study of aeronautics. With your help we plan to research by traditional and telecommunication methods such questions as: How do planes fly? What is being done to improve the safety of flight? What improvements can we expect in air travel? What are some careers in flying?

Then we will change from research teams to production teams as we construct a model aircraft. Teams will then test fly their models and make adjustments in their designs for longer flights. After recording data from several test flights, we will average the distances.

The schools participating will be asked to share their research and test flight results, as well as good aeronautic links by e-mail with others in the project. Results will be posted at the Skyschool. We will post lesson plans, directions for making a cuderia flyer, and data sheets A timeline and complete project outline will also be posted at our

Skyschool site,

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