What organizations are available to assist in services and information?

Although there are various organizations that exist for all d/Deaf individuals, there are organizations that mainly focus on d/Deaf African Americans.
The organizations exist to help d/Deaf African Americans. They also provide information for professionals and other individuals working with this d/Deaf population. The National Black Deaf Advocates was formed to empower the well being and culture of the Deaf African American community, which includes African American children.(Valentine, 1996) They want to strengthen the education, culture, and economic state of the d/Deaf African American community.(Valentine, 1996)

Other organizations that support this populations are the National Baptist Conference of the Deaf (NBCD), the National Alliance of Black Interpreters(NAOBI), and the National Black Association for Speech- Language and Hearing (NBASLH).(Valentine, 1996, OMH-RC, 1995) The NAOBI's goal is to increase the number of certified African American interpreters and enlist more African Americans in the field.(Valentine, 1996) The National Black Association for Speech-Language and Hearing (NBASLH) is a professional organization that informs, encourages, and recruits training of African Americans into fields of speech, hearing, and language.(OMH-RC, 1995)

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