Educational Aspects of Deaf Hispanic Children

Ana Cintado

Kent State University


Due to recent shifts in demographics, many educators of the deaf in the United States will be working with d/Deaf Hispanic children and their families more frequently than in the past. As members of the fastest growing and largest minority group, these children pose unique challenges and special needs that require the immediate attention of professionals. In a society that expects them to be both trilingual and tricultural, effective resources, curriculum , and instructional strategies are essential.


Obviously, the most ideal situation for these children would be the provision of Hispanic educators of the deaf who are familiar with both the language and culture of this population. However, given current trends of professionals in the field, this situation is also unrealistic. In fact, the majority of educators are classified as hearing, middle-class, Anglo-Saxon females who have earned a high degree of education. Therefore, the goal of this site is to provide these teachers with information and strategies that can be used to help lessen the severity of problems among these students.




1.      As teachers of the deaf, why should we be concerned with this population?

2.      Who are "Hispanics" and what are their general characteristics?

3.      What are some traditional attitudes towards disabilities and special education services among Hispanics?

4.      What factors affect the school performance of this population in general?

5.      What problems are specific to d/Deaf Hispanic children?

6.      Which language/modality should be used in instructing and assessing these students?

7.      What aspects should be addressed in the curriculum of these students?

8.      What other strategies have been developed to overcome the cultural barriers and unique challenges of this population?

9.      What are effective resources that can be used in the classroom?

10.  What are other Internet resources for teachers of d/Deaf Hispanic children?