Sign Language Videotapes
Sign Communication Proficiency Interviews (SCPI)
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Volume 5 Number 7 Barry Strassler, editor
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Sign Language Videotapes:
Reviewers have said the sign language videotapes give you much information in a user-friendly format in as little time as possible and are very reasonably priced.  These tapes are not studio quality, but are of "classroom quality".  Get your videotapes made by the ASL Teacher of the Year 1999-2000 at the University of Florida!

Sign Communication Proficiency Interviews (SCPI)
Do you need to evaluate employees, candidates for interpreter training, or assess the proficiency of ASL students?  Would you like a Sign Communication Proficiency Interview?  On-site interviews and ratings can be arranged.  Two to three day on-site workshops can be given to your staff to improve their skills with deaf clients.  E-mail to for particulars.

American Sign Language Total Immersion Weekend
There will also be an American Sign Language "Silent Weekend" at Melbourne Beach, Florida June 15-17, 2001 at the dazzling beachfront Radisson Resort!   Early bird registration is just $60!  Anticipated size will be 200 participants being able to select from classes suitable to everyone from beginning signers to RID interpreters.  RID CEUs will be provided.
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