Student Development Assistant
Kentucky School for the Deaf -- Danville, KY

Student Development Assistant

Salary Range:
$15,580 to $19,810

Posting Date:
May 4, 2000

Closing Date:
Open Until Filled

 Second Shift, Sunday through Thursday

 Term of Employment:
 Ten-month appointment begins Aug. 14, 2000

 High School graduate; One year experience working with
 individuals in a student development or education program;

 Summary of Work and Responsibilities:
 Provide supervision and instruct students in student development/
 student life program including extra curricular program,
 independent living skills program and dormitory program.
 Assist with homework and study time.
 Supervises students during on and off-campus school sponsored
 events and activities.
 Enforces and applies school policies as they relate to students;
 Monitors student behavior and location;
 Maintains appropriate records.

 Knowledge and Skills Needed:
 Sign Communication Proficiency Interview (SCPI) rating of
 "Intermediate"; applicant must provide documentation of SCPI
 rating from an approved program.

 Request/Submit Application To:
 Dr. Braughn Taylor
 Kentucky School for the Deaf
 P.O. Box 27
 Danville, KY 40423
 FAX:(859) 239-7006
Uploaded by:  Kim Williams/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major