March 7, l998
Lexington Kentucky

President Judy Egelston-Dodd at the Hilton Suites-Lexington Green, Lexington Kentucky, called the Association of College Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to order at 11:25. Karen Dilka agreed to serve as President-Elect for  1998-1999.

Welcome and Thanks- Karen Dilka and Deborah Haydon welcomed the ACE-DHH members to Lexington and recognized all those who assisted in the organization of the conference.  Special recognition was given to NTID, Eastern Kentucky University for their financial sponsorship and support services, Kentucky Candies and the Conference Center from Lexington, KY for their contributions.  Larry Fleischer conveyed greetings and best wishes for a productive meeting on behalf of CED and CAID-CEASD.

Approval of 1997 Meeting Minutes- The minutes from the 1997 Business meetings held in Santa Fe, NM and Hartford, CT. were reviewed and approved unanimously.

Treasurer's Report- Deborah Haydon reported that attendance at the annual conference increased by 8 persons. The treasurer's office was transferred from Barry Griffing to Deborah Haydon at the end of 1997.  On February 11, l998 a total of $12,231.13 was transferred into two separate accounts in the Central Bank and Trust Co. in Lexington, KY.  A third account was set up to accommodate conference income and expenses as well as membership fees.  The annual audit of the ACE-DHH treasury was in process under the direction of John Gump. In addition to conducting the audit, Dr. Gump will make recommendations for procedures to ensure consistency in recording and reporting.

Election Committee Report- David Mercaldo expressed special thanks to the members of the election committee. One hundred and one ballots (101) were mailed in January, l998. Forty (40) ballots were returned by the closing date of February 12th, l998. Election results follow:

President-Elect:      Karen Dilka
Secretary:         Bob Rittenhouse (Robert Rittenhouse)
Treasurer:         Debbie Haydon (Deborah Haydon)
Membership & Elections Committee:
             Barbara Strassman
             John Luckner
             David Mercaldo
Publications Committee:
            Susan Easterbrooks
            Nancy Benham
            Sandy Bowen
            Sandee Bowman
Legislation & Advocacy Committee:
            Freeman King
            Lynn Hayes (P. Lynn Hayes)
            Rich Nowell

President Judy Egelston-Dodd expressed her appreciation to the committee and  recognized the outgoing officers and board members.

ACE-DHH Awards Committee- Ann Powers announced the establishment of two ACE-DHH Awards for 1997-98 including the Sr. Mary Delany Honorary Emeritus Membership Award and the Innovations in Teaching Teachers of D/HH.  Dr. Roberta Truax was selected by the Awards Committee and recommended unanimously by the Board of ACE-DHH to receive the Sr. Mary Delany Honorary Emeritus Membership Award.  Dr. Truax was introduced by Ann Powers and received a standing ovation from the ACE-DHH members in attendance.  No nominations were received for the Innovations in Teaching Teachers of D/HH. President Egelston-Dodd introduced a third award, the Outstanding Thesis Award , to encourage and recognize research contributions by students. General support was expressed for the establishment of the award.

Legislative and Advocacy Committee- Larry Hawkins reported that ACE-DHH followed the lead of ASDC and Barbara Raimondo in their support for the reauthorization of IDEA.  The legislative committee recognized Jay Innes and
Barbara Raimondo for their advocacy and lobbyist roles.

Publications Committee- Susan Easterbrooks reported that three newsletters were prepared and distributed through her office since the ACE-DHH meeting in Santa Fe, NM. She reminded the members that the monograph consisting of papers would be available to those persons who registered and paid for copies.

ACE-DHH Web site- Harold Johnson summarized the web site activities which have expanded beyond the resources available through Kent State University.  Dr. Johnson thanked ACE-DHH members for their ongoing support and stressed the need for alternative resources and systems as the web site continues to expand. Dr. Johnson recommended shared responsibilities among programs participating in ACE-DHH.  He has and will continue to contact members to assume responsibilities for connecting with additional sites and resources.  In addition, there will be a charge for advertising on the web. Money earned will be used to maintain the ACE-DHH web site.

1999 Conference Site- President Egelston-Dodd opened the discussion for approval of a conference site for 1999. She reviewed the events that lead to the withdrawal of San Diego, California as initially proposed. Larry Fleischer proposed Santa Barbara, California, hosted by Ellen Schneiderman.  Henry Teller indicated his willingness to host the conference in New Orleans for the year 2000 or possibly 1999.  Judy Egelston-Dodd identified Rochester, New York, as a third conference site. An open floor discussion was held regarding cost, institutional support, and the time required to make arrangements.  Shirin Antia moved that the conference be held in Rochester, New York, at NTID co-hosted by Gerry Batemen and Judy Egelston-Dodd. Susan Rose seconded the move.  The motion passed with a majority of votes through a show of hands.  Harold Johnson moved to accept Henry Teller's proposal to hold the ACE-DHH Conference in the year 2000 in New Orleans. Robert Rittenhouse seconded the motion.   The motion passed with a majority vote through a show of hands.

Adjourned at 12:35.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Rose

Due to the limited number and size of conference abstracts, the deadline for submission has been extended until June 10th.  All submissions must be in IBM format and less than 7 pages.
Please submit to:

Dr Nancy Benham
Utah State University
1000 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-1000