ACE-DHH Executive Board Meeting
Sunday, April 2, 2000

Members Present: Richard Lytle, Karen Dilka, Debbie Haydon, Larry Fleischer, Tom Humphries, Barbara Hecht, Kate Reynolds, Henry Teller, Nancy Benham

The meeting was called to order at 8:05 a.m. by Richard Lytle, President.

Resolution of appreciation to Past President – Karen Dilka and Local Arrangements Chairs – Kate Reynolds & Henry Teller.  Rich made the motion and it was seconded by Debbie.
Budget Projection Outcome for 2000 Conference:  Expect to have a surplus of $3,000 plus process for closing the books.

Planning for the 2001 Conference in San Diego, CA:
Local Arrangements Committee responsibilities:
Dates – Feb. 22-25, would be beneficial if ACE-DHH could get CED, CAID, CEASD & other groups to coincide with our conference.  Contact them early and try to get a commitment from them and a list of their needs (equipment, rooms, etc.)
Guest rooms – should plan to reserve approx. 100 rooms
Meeting rooms – will there be any cost for these? How many will be needed?
Interpreters – tends to be the most expensive feature, estimated cost - $5-6,000
AV equipment – La. School for the Deaf provided all equipment except 1 slide projector, ACE-DHH made a $1,000 donation to the school.  LCD projectors are important to our conference.  We also need to consider internet projection programs.  We need to make sure that the hotel does not prohibit the use of our own equipment and we need to get a list of AV needs early.
Food/entertainment – This year we had 3 events (the river boat, roof top reception and Sunday banquet).  The L.A. committee can decide how many.  We want to keep the registration fee as low as possible.  Larry will be responsible for entertainment.
Budget – Need to estimate how many people will attend and what the registration fee will be in order for the conference to pay for itself.  Susan, Larry, & Tom will need to work with Debbie to set up the convention account.
Program – Susan’s part

Barbara Hecht offered to help with the convention arrangements.  She also suggested that Tom may want to contact the Salk Institute for interpreters and equipment.  Tom will check into this but knows that Salk has a difficult time finding qualified interpreters.

Richard stated that over the past several years Gallaudet University and NTID have both contributed $1,000 to assist with conference expenses.  A letter was received from NTID stating that with federal guidelines, they cannot guarantee this will be an on-going possibility.  Tom will investigate other options for possible funding.

Rich commended Karen on doing a great job of providing information to him.  He is putting together binders, which will contain several years worth of work regard-ing the president’s and president-elect’s offices.  His goal is that this will be an on-going process so no one will have to reinvent the process.

Karen asked that Nancy send a schedule of the newsletter items be sent to Larry and Tom.  She also thanked everyone for a job well done.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 a.m.