CED Web Site: A Reminder

The CED web site links together a coalition of five organizations committed to the education of the deaf in the United States. While each of the five organizations has a unique role to play within the field of the education of the deaf, the CED web site makes it easy for all involved, both newcomers and veterans, to access valuable information.

As part of this coalition, ACE-DHH has a number of roles to play. First, as we encourage our students to become Internet savvy, we need to encourage them to take advantage of the CED web site. As a tool it can help them not only access information, but through it they can explore an extensive web of sources related to deafness. Also, it can prepare them for the world beyond graduation, namely employment opportunities.

Second, as each of us becomes more computer savvy we might want to consider how our personal web pages might be linked to the CED web site. Consider it this way, your personal web page is like ‘real estate.’ For some, the personal web page, with its valued information and great ideas for teaching, might be located on prime property [i.e., well known universities]. For others, the personal web page, which also has valued information and great ideas for teaching, might be located on unknown property [i.e., less well-known universities]. By linking personal web pages to the CED web site, everyone gets what real estate agents call the three rules for selling houses: location, location, location.

Third, as an organization ACE-DHH is exploring ways to support the CED web site. One possibility is to make the ACE-DHH newsletter available  through the CED web site. Other possibilities including locating commercial sources that would help in funding the CED web site through sponsorships, grants, and so on. Likewise, each of us might consider ways to support this valued web site. Paid advertisements dealing with job openings, program activities, summer institutes, and so on come to mind. Also, we might want to direct programs/schools looking for teachers to advertise on the CED web site. None of these ideas are new, but neither is the need: we need to find ways to increase CED web site revenues in anticipation of rising costs.

David Mercaldo

Please read the Constitution Changes under Old Business, Items 1, 2, & 3 in the Executive Board minutes from Los Angeles.  They will be voted on at the 2000 conference.

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See you in New Orleans March 30-April 2, 2000!

Hank Teller
University of Southern Mississippi

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