Statewide Convention in Saratoga Springs, New York
Theme:  "Exploring The Expanding Spectrum of Education of the Deaf from Bi/Bi to Cochlear Implants"

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New York State Association of Educators of the Deaf will host its' statewide convention at the Gideon Putnam Hotel and Conference Center in Saratoga Springs, New York, on November 8 - 10, 2000.

The theme is: "Exploring The Expanding Spectrum of Education of the Deaf from Bi/Bi to Cochlear Implants".  Keynoters include:
* Philip and Myrna Aiello - both recipients of a C.I.
* Cynthia N. Bailes, Ph.D., Bi-Bi Approach, from Gallaudet University
* Dr. Rebecca Cort, Special Ed., New York State Education Dept.

The film, 'Sound and Fury"  will be shown on Weds. night.  Thirty workshop presentations are available all day Thursday and Friday until noon.

Contact the Gideon at 518 - 584 -3000 for room reservations.  Registration is $125 and includes meals.

Contact Person:  Nelson Gannon,
St. Mary's School for the Deaf, 2253 Main Street, Buffalo, NY.
(Fax Number (716) 834-2720 attn: Nelson Gannon)

The program will provide an opportunity to further your knowledge about education of  deaf children. It is designed to address interesting and cutting edge topics, and provide an opportunity to exchange ideas while networking with other professionals in the field.  Poster sessions and display areas will be available.
Entertainment and good fun will also be in the mix!


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