July 16, 1999

The Association of College Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing was called to order by President Karen Dilka at 1:00 p.m. at the Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.  The meeting took place during the Convention of the American Instructors of the Deaf. Present were: Karen Dilka (President), Mary V. Compton (Past President and Parliamentarian), Richard R. Lytle (President -Elect), Michael Bienenstock (Secretary), Margaret Finnegan, (Chair of Membership and Elections), Nancy Benham (Chair of Publication Committee), and Barbara Hecht (Chair of the Legislative Committee).


Karen Dilka gave warm a welcome to everyone and praised the Board for their willingness to attend the ACE-DHH Board  meeting during the CAID Convention.


Mary Compton moved and Richard Lytle seconded that the minutes of the business meetings held in Rochester, NY on February 27 and March 1, 1999 be approved.   The motion passed unanimously. The minutes of the Executive Board meeting in Rochester on February 28, 1999 will be published in the next newsletter and will be approved in New Orleans.   Mary Compton moved and Richard Lytle seconded that we approve the minutes of March 7, 1998 from the meeting in Kentucky.  The motion passed.


Due to Debbie Haydon’s absence, Karen Dilka gave the treasurer’s report.   A total of $17,649 is in the bank.  Gerald Bateman has not given receipts yet of the final conference budget report from Rochester.


Margaret Finnegan submitted the membership committee report. As of the Board meeting there were 76 paid embers of ACE-DHH (regular membership, 1 member emeritus and 1 lifelong member). There were 146 names on the membership listing.  All were sent the most recent newsletter and will continue to receive the newsletter to promote the organization and recruit new members.

Margaret also noted it was difficult to update who the paid members were since the membership forms were not sent to her. There is a need to clarify the jobs of each board member in the constitution.  There was also a discussion of whether to continue to send the newsletter to unpaid members.  The board feels that it is good publicity to do so.  In the last distribution only 2 newsletters out of 146 were returned to sender.  Members who have paid their dues between January 1, 1999 and March 30, 2000 (New Orleans Conference) are eligible to vote for officers for the New Orleans conference.  However, a by-laws change to be passed in New Orleans will change the voting privileges from conference to conference.

It is hoped that the membership list will be published on the ACE-DHH web site.   We need to start preparing people for this information.   In addition, members need to update Margaret Finnegan and the Board with address and area code changes.

In the next newsletter there will be a call for nominations for the New Orleans conference.


Nancy Benham presented the publication report.  Nancy is responsible for collecting the papers from the Rochester conference for the proceedings.  To date she has received only 10 papers.  There are not enough papers to publish.  It is hoped that presenters will submit their paper to Nancy by September 15th.  It was noted that it is nice to receive the abstracts at the convention. Perhaps we can place the abstracts on the web. Margaret Finnegan suggested a change in the format, to collect papers from presenters as a condition of acceptance.  The changes in the call for papers will be announced in the newsletter.


Barbara Hecht gave the legislative report.  She noted that there were several cases in the news related to ADA, which may affect who is disabled under that law. There is also a new early intervention bill in Congress. Mike Bienenstock explained about the Council of Organizational Representatives (COR) and the Consumer Action Network (CAN).  It was decided at this time not to pursue joining either group.


Mary Compton submitted a draft of Constitution changes. The language must be published in the newsletter and voted by the membership.

Item #1:    Increase term of office for Secretary and Publications Chair to two years.

Currently the Secretary serves one year.  The terms for the Publications Chair or other committee chairs have not been set.

Location in Constitution:



1.1 The Terms of office of the President, President-elect, Past President, Vice President and Secretary shall be one year.

1.2 The term of office of the Treasurer shall be for two years.


1.1 The terms of the President, President-elect, Past-President and Vice President shall be for one year.

1.2 The terms of office for Secretary, Treasurer and the Publications Chair shall be for two years.

1.3 The terms for all other committee chairs shall be for one year.

Item #2:  Establish an Awards Committee as s standing committee.

Currently, the Awards Committee is an ad hoc committee.  The proposed revision of the by-laws would create an ongoing Awards Committee that would devise the nomination and selection procedures for the awarding of the Sister Mary Delaney Life Membership Award.

PROPOSED REVISION: to be inserted following Section 2.0--Membership and Election’s Committee, Section 3.0--Publication’s Committee, Section 4.0--Program Committee and Section 5.0--Legislative and Advocacy Committee.  As Section 6.0 Awards Committee, thus the present Section 6.0 Special Committees and Section 7.0 would be renumbered Sections 7.0 and 8.0 respectively.


Section 6.0 Awards Committee

6.1 The Awards Committee is a standing committee of the Association.

6.2 The Awards Committee shall consist of a Chair and two other Association members, all elected by the membership of the Association.

6.3 The Committee shall be responsible for overall administration and management of awards given by the Association.  Specific activities shall include:

6.3.1 Establish criteria and procedures for nominating and selecting the recipient of the Sister Mary Life Membership Award to recognize the Distinguished career of teaching,
research, and service in the preparation of deaf and hard of hearing students.

6.3.2 Inform membership of the nomination process and procedures for the Sister Mary Delaney Life Membership Award.

6.3.3 Arrange for the presentation of the Sister Mary Delaney Life Membership Award at the annual meeting of the Association.

6.3.4 Disseminate information concerning the award and recipient to the recipients college/university/school.

6.3.5 Develop and design and administer other awards by the membership.

Item #3:  Change of membership year

Currently, anyone who pays from January 1 of the pervious year until the convention is eligible to vote. The new By-law will reflect that voting privileges will be from conference to conference beginning with last day of conference.

Richard Lytle made a motion and Nancy Benham seconded that the by-law changes be accepted and presented in the next newsletter. The motion passed.


Richard Lytle gave a report on preparation for New Orleans.  Richard suggested inviting various leaders of national organizations to present on “What they think teachers should know” in regards to training program
for teachers for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  In addition, the Deaf Community and families will be invited.

The Rationale for the Conference:

In both regular/general education and in our own field, there is a growing reform movement to reduce the separation between university preparation programs and the schools who seek to hire their graduates.  This area of reform, known as Professional Development schools, is a high priority in regular education teacher preparation and is being given priority for funding by government and private agencies.


1.  An experienced keynote speaker who can share with us the latest development in this area, along with strategies for developing more effective win/win partnerships.

2.  A panel comprised of ACEDHH members, school administrators and classroom teachers to react to the speaker’s presentation.

3.  Presentations by ACE-DHH members (and their partners) who have begun partnerships.

4. Brainstorming session to develop strategies for university/school partnerships.

5.  Brainstorming session with university ands school processionals to develop a shared vision for the preparation of the next generation of teachers of deaf and hard of hearing children.

6.  Vigorously seeking the participation in our conference by school administrators and classroom teachers.

7.  Asking ACE-DHH members to bring a partner (current or future partner) to the conference.

Title:      Developing a Vision for Teacher Preparation for the 21st century

Conference goals:

1. To develop a shared vision of what knowledge, skills and
experiences future teachers will need and how best to
provide them.

    2.    To increase and improve field and practicum experiences.

    3.    Increase opportunities for collaborative action research.

4. To facilitate the exchange of ideas and resources between
university teacher preparation programs and schools.

5. To continue to broaden the diversity of ACE-DHH
conference participants (deaf, hard of hearing, people of
color, and different ideas/approaches).


At this time a budget has not been finalized. It is expected that approximately 150-200 people will participate in the conference.


The grant is now on the web site for reading.   Kudos to Harold Johnson.


Bids for future Conference- Anyone who wishes to host a future conference must bring materials and brochures regarding their sites to New Orleans.

Bids are due for 2002 and 2003.  San Diego has already been approved as the site of the 2001 convention.  A report will be presented on preparations in San Diego at New Orleans.

Submitted by Michael Bienenstock

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