Gallaudet University Online Course
EDU 495/795:
The Deaf Community:  A Cultural Perspective
1 credit (undergraduate/graduate)
Course Description:
This course introduces American Deaf Culture, examining the impact of Deaf Culture on the Deaf community and Deaf education.  Students are offered an opportunity to understand the Deaf person in a cultural context.  Topics explored will include: Time and Location:
The course orientation will be offered July 5-7.  Course duration is July 10 - August 4, 2000.

This course will be conducted through the Internet.  Reading and homework assignments and activities will be posted on the course website.  Students are required to logon to the course website and participate in the online discussion 3-5 times per week.  Students are responsible for obtaining their own internet access.

To guarantee your registration, payment must be made in full prior to the registration deadline of 6/16/00.  The class size is limited to 15 students, so register early.
    $420 tuition and $10 application fee (for registrations received by 6/16/00)
    an additional $25 late fee (for registrations received after 6/16/00)

Barbara Kannapell, Ph.D., is an internationally known Deaf sociolinguist who provides classes, workshops and training on Deaf culture and Deaf identity.  She provides workshops and training to school programs and to the Deaf community and has worked extensively with parents of Deaf children.  Her professional work builds on her groundbreaking doctoral study demonstrating that Deaf college students understand themselves as bilingual or multilingual within an educational system which treats them as monolingual in English.

This course is approved for RID CMPs and ASLTA certification hours.

For More Information:
Call (202) 651-6054 (t/v)

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