ACE-DHH Business Meeting

Rochester, New York
March 1, 1999

The meeting was called to order by the president, Mary V. Compton. She thanked Alan Marvelli for serving as parliamentarian.

The acting secretary summarized the minutes of the previous meeting.

The president reported on the election results: President-elect, Richard Lytle; Vice-President, Henry Teller; Secretary, Michael Bienenstock; Membership and Elections; Margaret Finnegan, chair, David Mercaldo, John Luckner; Publications Committee, Nancy Benham, chair, Susan Easterbrooks, and Sandy Bowen; Legislative Committee, Barbara Hecht, chair, and Freeman King.

Gerry Bateman reported that 62 individuals had registered for the conference, and that the conference was financially profitable. Karen Dilka thanked NTID for all they had provided for the conference: interpreters, food, facilities, etc. Appreciation was noted with applause.

Old Business

2000 Conference. The president reported that Henry Teller would be checking with the business manager of the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans about the possibility of starting the conference one day earlier. She asked for input on the possible conference theme of Y2K.  Judy Egelston-Dodd suggested that millennium be included in the theme. She asked members to convey their suggestions to Richard Lytle, Karen Dilka, or Henry Teller.

Subsequent Conferences. Karen Dilka moved that formal proposals to host the annual conference be submitted to the members, and that they be acted on in the business meeting two years in advance. Discussion ensued. Richard Lytle amended the motion to require that hotel details etc. be provided one year in advance. Karen Dilka accepted the amendment as a friendly amendment. As a second friendly amendment, Shirin Antia moved that the president be responsible for soliciting proposals and that either the proposer or a designee make the proposal in person. The motion passed, as amended.

The president proposed that the membership year begin with the conference, rather than January 1. The treasurer said that this would be easier for her and for the members. Discussion followed. Richard Lytle said that this would allow the maximum number to be eligible to vote at the business meetings. Harold Johnson moved that dues be due in
conjunction with the conference. The motion passed. It was noted that this would require amending the Bylaws, which requires dissemination to the members at least 30 days prior to the meeting. Tom Jones suggested that 1999 dues entitle members to vote in 1999-2000. Richard Nowell suggested that renewal reminders accompany the ballot. It was agreed that, until the Bylaws are amended, flexibility will be exercised in determining eligibility to vote.

Newsletter. The president noted that the problem with periodicity of the newsletter had been taken care of, since there were three newsletters this year. Harold Johnson suggested disseminating the newsletter on the web, rather than mailing it. Shirin Antia suggested that there be a transition year.

Awards. The president provided written descriptions of awards. She noted that the Sister Mary Delaney award had been worded to restrict it to individuals who are actively teaching. She suggested that the wording be changed so that individuals who may be retired also are eligible for the award. Judy Egelston-Dodd said that the original intent was to recognize individuals with long careers in the field. Bill Brelje suggested that the awards committee be given responsibility for managing the process of identifying an individual to award. Barbara Hecht moved that the criteria for the Sister Mary Delaney award be those which are on the green sheet. Judy Egelston-Dodd moved that the Bylaws be amended to establish the awards committee as a standing committee. Debbie Haydon moved, as a friendly amendment, that the president appoint an ad hoc awards committee until the Bylaws are amended to establish a standing Awards Committee. Larry Hawkins moved, as a friendly amendment, that the standing awards committee be elected by the membership. The motion passed, as amended.

New Business

Terms of Office. The president reported that the Executive Board had discussed changing the term of office for the secretary and newsletter editor to two-year terms. This was moved by Karen Dilka, and seconded by David Mercaldo. The motion passed. Alan Marvelli noted that this also would require following the Bylaws amendment process.

Web site. The president noted the need for someone to work with Harold Johnson to develop the components of a grant proposal and to work on the CED web site and the cyber-mentor project. David Mercaldo volunteered to work with Harold on these projects.

Legislative Committee. Shirin Antia suggested that the Legislative Committee prepare a way for the organization to respond to changes in the way that OSERS is making grant money available. It was suggested that this be discussed via the newsletter and the listserv. Harold Johnson suggested that the discussion be posted on the ACE-DHH web site, so that a record is made. He said that he may need some modest support for student workers to do this. Shirin Antia noted the need for a mechanism to enable a timely organizational response to legislative or governmental concerns. Barbara Hecht suggested that the listserv could be used to discern if there was an opposition to possible organizational positions regarding such concerns. Judy Egelston-Dodd noted the importance of the response being timely.

Membership Directory. Judy Egelston-Dodd said how helpful the membership directories had been, and urged the new Membership Committee to prepare a new directory and to post it on the web site. The president said that the new directory will be ready about June 15.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas W. Jones
Acting Secretary

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