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Annoucement of 4 Professional Development Workshops for November 2000 at Gallaudet University

The deadline for registration is Friday, October 27th.

Communication Skills for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing Managers
November 7-8, 2000   Tuesday/Wednesday  9 am - 4 pm
Fee: $295
Many managers who are deaf, hard of hearing or hearing have a hard time
communicating with their employees. This workshop is for managers and employees
who want to learn to communicate better with one another.  You will learn skills
for effective communication in a variety of situations, and tips and techniques to
make communication in the workplace easier and more open.

* ADD/ADHD:  Assessment and Intervention Strategies
November 8, 2000  Wednesday 9 am - 4 pm
Fee: $195
This one- day workshop will focus briefly on how to identify and assess students
who might have ADD/ADHD and the relationship between ADD/ADHD and learning
disabilities. The main focus will be on strategies for managing ADD/ADHD at home
and school. Success stories about people with ADD/ADHD who achieved success in
school, at work, in marriage and relationships will be shared and discussed to
provide hope for those with ADD/ADHD and their families.

* Instructional Strategies for Students with Limited Language Proficiency
November 9, 2000  Thursday 9 am - 4 pm
Fee: $195
This workshop presents instructional strategies and materials to be used for
facilitating the development of functional language, communication, reading, and
writing skills in students who are at the beginning levels of formal language use.
Focus will be on older elementary through secondary-age students.

* Sensitivity Training for Emergency Personnel
November 10-11, 2000   Friday/Saturday  9 am - 5 pm
Fee: $295
This 2-day workshop is designed to provide fire, rescue, law enforcement, and
medical personnel the information needed to effectively communicate and work with
the deaf community. Topics will include communication needs, devices, how to use
an interpreter, "politically correct" terminology, and the American with
Disabilities Act (ADA). You will also learn about Deaf culture and the Deaf
community: its language, values, rules of behavior, and traditions and how they
impact communication between deaf and hard of hearing people.  Through group
discussion and "role play" you will explore potential situations and appropriate
action to ensure accessible, quality service for the deaf community.

Contact Mary Lou Novitsky for more information or registration at:
Fax: 202-651-6041
Phone: 202-651-6068 tty


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