Outreach Consultant for Deaf
& Hard of Hearing Students
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Outreach Consultant for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students

Salary Range:
To be determined by education and experience

Posting Date:
September 27, 2000

Closing Date:
October 18, 2000

10-month Contract (200 days)

Term of Employment:
Full-time faculty unit position.

Qualifications for appointment:

1. Minimum of Bachelor's Degree in Deaf Education or Special Education
(preference will be given to those applicants with emphasis in deaf education,
counseling or social work).
2. Valid South Dakota Teacher's Certificate.
3. Minimum of three years teaching experience.

Desirable Qualifications and/or a willingness to learn or train
1. Experience with preschool deaf or hard of hearing children and families.
2. Training in the SKI*HI Program for preschool deaf children.
3. Expressive/Receptive Sign Language Skills.
4. Computers, Internet, Transition Planning.

Summary of Work and Responsibilities:
1. Provide in-the-home training to families of preschool deaf and hard of hearing children.  The primary emphasis is on language development for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
2. Serve as a consultant to public schools serving deaf and hard of hearing children.
3. Monitor progress of deaf and hard of hearing children in public school settings.
4. Maintain regular contact with families of students currently enrolled at the South Dakota School for the Deaf.
5. Provide inservice training to educational staff in the public schools on the impact of hearing impairment and the educational process.
6. Work as a member of the support services team to provide the most appropriate services to deaf and hard of hearing children.
7. Facilitate special projects at the SDSD such as Family Learning Weekend, statewide workshop, registration of students, manning stations at public relations displays, etc.
8. Pursuing specialized training in transition applications.

Request/Submit Application To:
Please send letter of application, resume, transcripts and references to:

Personnel Office
The South Dakota School for the Deaf
2001 East 8th Street
Sioux Falls, SD  57103
(605) 367-5200  (Voice/TDD)
(605) 367-5212 (fax)

Uploaded by:  Kim Williams/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major