ACE-DHH Business Meeting

Rochester, New York
February 27, 1999

The meeting was called to order by the president, Mary V. Compton.

Welcome and Thanks. Karen Dilka and Gerry Bateman thanked the conference program committee and the local arrangements committee.

Minutes. Sue Rose reported that the minutes of the previous meeting were not available, but would be located and published as soon as possible.  The president said that the minutes would be published in the next newsletter. She said that officers who cannot fill their duties should be responsible for finding a substitute.

Treasurer's Report. Debbie Haydon reported that the association has $15,160.99 in a money market account and $3,513.25 in certificate of deposit. Interest income was $451 this year. She reported that she had investigated three national companies as possibilities for a national account, so that it will not have to be changed each time the treasurer changes, and that at the executive board's request she will be investigating one other company.

Committee Reports

Membership and Elections Committee. No report.

Legislative Committee. Freeman King provided a written report. He also referred to an article in the newsletter on legislative concerns, and provided information on the Walsh bill.

Publications Committee. Nancy Benham reported that she had replaced Susan Easterbrooks as committee chair, at Easterbrooks' request, and that the transition as editor of the newsletter had been smooth. She said that the circulation is about 140 copies of each issue.


CED Report. Harold Johnson reported on the CED Board meeting. He described the program evaluation work, including revision of the manuals, the programs that have been approved. He noted that programs are encouraged to have a third team member from the local area. He reported that CED needs to do more than review programs and collect certification fees, and should do more dissemination and clearinghouse work to improve the education of students who are deaf and hard of hearing. He said that a task force on strategic planning will be reporting at the next CED board meeting. He also reported that the difficulties regarding individual certification have been addressed, but that individuals with concerns should contact Reggie Redding with a copy to Jay Innes. He said that there was consensus that the individual certification process is not working, and that the strategic plan will address these problems. He said that they are investigating the possibilities of an executive director and a national office. He said that individuals who hold CED certification are entitled to use CED as a postnomial. Questions were answered concerning the program evaluation process and the number of CED-approved programs. Shirin Antia asked that minutes of CED meetings be distributed to the membership. Harold Johnson encouraged individuals to use the web site, which has downloaded over 650,000 files in the past six months to individuals in 78 countries. He noted the need for ACE-DHH to provide a representative to support the web site work. Marilyn Sass-Lehrer reported that CED-ASHA Joint Committee had been developing a position paper on certification, and a report on competencies of speech teachers for young children who are deaf or hard of hearing. She asked that individuals with information or comments in these areas to contact her or Pat Stone. She stated that the committee would be meeting in March or April. Compton asked Sass-Lehrer to provide information for the newsletter.

Conference Planning

2000 Conference. Henry Teller reported that the conference dates were changed due to Mardi Gras, and will be Friday through Monday, March 31 to April 3, 2000. It will convene at the Hotel Monteleone at a very convenient location in the French Quarter New Orleans, the same hotel where the association met in 1985. He noted that the hotel's sales manager has a deaf son. He suggested that members book their rooms early, because 2000 is a busy convention year in New Orleans. He said that the rates are $160 for rooms that normally are $260, and will be extended before and after the conference for members attending the conference. It was noted that the dates are the same as the CEC conference in Vancouver. Teller said that those dates were the only ones which were available, but there might be some flexibility in starting the conference a day or two early. A strong consensus was to start the conference on Thursday instead of Friday.

2001 Conference Site Selection. Sandy Bowen offered on behalf of herself, John Luckner, and the University of Northern Colorado to host the conference in Denver. Bill Brelje reported that Kathee Christensen had offered to host the conference in San Diego. Dilka read an e-mail from Larry Fleischer at CSUN, offering to host the conference in old town San Diego in late February with the assistance of Kathee Christensen and Tom Humphries. Shirin Antia moved that the conference occur in San Diego in 2001. Bill Brelje seconded the motion. Discussion followed. The motion passed.

2002 Conference Site Discussion. The possibility of having the conference in Denver was discussed. Susan Shroyer proposed having the conference on a Caribbean cruise from the East Coast, possibly leaving from Florida. Ed Shroyer moved that the possibility of a cruise for the 2002 conference be investigated. Shirin Antia seconded the motion.  Discussion followed. Al White amended the motion to request that detailed proposals for the 2002 conference be presented at the 2000 conference. Ed Shroyer called the question. The motion passed.

Karen Dilka asked the members to recognize the support provided to the present conference by NTID. This appreciation was noted with applause.

The president noted that further items of business would be addressed at the meeting on Monday.

Harold Johnson moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded and passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas W. Jones
Acting Secretary

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