Call for Nominations

The Membership and Elections Committee is seeking nominations for Officers and Standing Committees.  For details of what each Officer’s responsibilities are or for the duties incumbent on Standing Committees, check our By Laws.  They can be found at:

Our organization uses a self-nomination process. (When in need, we have resorted to cajoling, coercion, or arm-twisting and will continue to do so!)  We would like to prepare a ballot with at least two people running for each office and three people running for each Standing Committee.  The person with the highest number of votes becomes the Chair of the committee; the other candidates become committee members.  The election ballot will be in the December mailing.  Please contact any member of the Membership and Election Committee to discuss the positions and to let us know that you are interested in helping to move our organization into the 21st Century.  You should also feel free to contact the current officers to discuss their respective position.  We would like to hear from you by November 15th so that the ballot can be prepared for the December Newsletter.  In the meantime, expect to hear from us as we try to convince you to take on this responsibility in our organization.


Standing Committees
Membership & Election Committee
Awards Committee
Legislative Committee

Thank you!

Margaret Finnegan

David Mercaldo

John Luckner