Curriculum/Language Arts Support Teacher
The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, Philadelphia, PA

Curriculum/Language Arts Support Teacher

Posting Date:
May 15, 2000

Closing Date:
August, 2000

188 Work Days

Term of Employment:
Full-Time 10-Month Position

1. A Master's Degree in a related field (Deaf Education, Curriculum and Instruction, subject area specialty).
2. At least five years of teaching experience in an educational program.
3. Experience in teaching with interdisciplinary curricula.
4. Knowledgeable about curriculum and learning theory.
5. Willingness and ability to do demonstration teaching when appropriate.
6. Knowledgeable about first and second language acquisition.
7. Knowledgeable about current research in reading and writing instruction.
8. Able to work effectively with and within instructional teams.
9. Excellent interpersonal skills.
10. Excellent organizational and writing skills.
11. Advanced Level (SCPI) sign competence.

Summary of Work and Responsibilities:
1. Work collaboratively with school-wide instructional supervisors and instructional teams to:

2.  Assist in providing staff development/support to teachers in effective use
of the school curricula.
3. Assist in coordinating and integrating curriculum development efforts.
4. Other curriculum-related duties, as assigned.

Knowledge and Skills Needed:
Applicants should possess the following general knowledge/skills/attitudes:

1. Knowledge about normal child development as well as all aspects and
ramifications of deafness (linguistic, social and cognitive domains).

2. Support for and ability to explain and implement an integrated,
experientially-based educational program.

3. Strong positive interpersonal and communication skills necessary for
working closely with other educational program leaders as well as direct
service staff.

4. Strong commitment to and understanding of PSD's principles of providing a
fully accessible communication environment, including the recognition of the
importance of self-expression and respect for each individual's communication

5. Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain a positive working
environment for students and staff.

6. Ability to support and encourage family participation in their child's
program on a variety of levels.

7. Willingness to support and contribute to programming that appreicates and
celebrates cultural diversity.

8. Demonstrated willingness to infuse current research findings into the
program and an ability to aid teachers in applying research to their pedagogy.

9. Ability to function as a positive change agent.

Applicants for this position should consider themselves flexible, eager to
learn, hard working, enthusiastic, and involved in sharing in the joy of
learning with others...a teacher's teacher.

Request/Submit Application To:
Jane Homka
Executive Secretary
The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
100 W. School House Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Uploaded by Kim Williams/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major