A Note from the President….

What a gift Harold Johnson has given to ACE-DHH! Through his determination and diligence we, as members of the organization, are fortunate to be the recipients of funding in the amount of $161,000.00 to incorporate technology into our coursework.  As Alan Marvelli stated this is a “stellar” achievement. I am honored that Harold asked me to be the co-director and I want to assure you that I will devote the time and energy necessary to get the job done.  If you have not already done so, please read the grant on the ACE-DHH Website: (www.educ.kent.edu/deafed/961209a.htm).

As far as I can tell, we are the only organization to receive this award. Harold also assigned me the task of recruiting members for the project.  Therefore, in the near future, I will be sending a letter to all Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher Preparation Programs to invite faculty to participate in the activities of the grant (this will probably occur before the newsletter is disseminated).  It is so very easy to contribute and all of the grant monies are earmarked to support travel/work completed by each participant.  What could be better than a monetary reward for your efforts, an opportunity to collaborate with peers in your area of interest and a travel stipend for $750.00 to attend the 2000 ACE-DHH conference in New Orleans?  I realize time is a factor for everyone, but you can’t lose by joining one of the following groups.  So please don’t hesitate--we need your commitment, NOW.

Here’s the scoop on how you can become involved.  There are four separate categories or groups with a designated team leader.  They include the development of five technologically enhanced method course syllabi (Dr. Katharine Stephans-Slemenda #864-596-9080, katharine.slemenda@converse.edu), two to three multi-media case studies (Dr. Barbara Schirmer #330-672-2294, bschirmer@educ.kent.edu), faculty development to support the implementation of technology in courses (Dr. Alan Marvelli #413-585-3050, amarvelli@smith.edu), and the search for additional funding sources to expand the current grant activities (Dr. David Mercaldo #208-236-3809, mercdavi@isu.edu).  These leaders can be contacted at the above phone and e-mail addresses for specific details.  Approximately twenty to twenty-five (20-25) faculty are needed for the syllabi team, four or five (4-5) faculty for the case study team, four (4) individuals for the faculty development team excluding workshop participants (20-50) and three to four (3-4) faculty for the funding support team.   Once again, everyone who participates will automatically receive a $750.00 travel stipend for the ACE-DHH conference in March and an honorarium.  Each team will be presenting their product or information regarding their progress at the meeting.
The ACE-DHH conference is shaping up nicely with Richard Lytle in charge of the program and Henry Teller the chair of local arrangements.   Plan to come and be a part of the adventure in New Orleans March 30-April 2, 2000.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Dilka

Treasurer’s Report

As of September 1, 1999, ACE-DHH had the following monies available:

Money Market Account                            $17,953.43

This total includes interest accrued to date and a deposit of $4,701.11 from monies (membership dues and registration fees) collected during the 1999 conference at NTID.

We should again thank Gerry Bateman and NTID for helping to keep our conference costs down.  Expenses during the summer included President's travel to CAID/CEASD.

Certificate of Deposit                                $3,606.69

    This includes interest accrued since our last report.

Total Assets                                            $21,560.12

Arrangements are being made to have the ACE-DHH books audited for the 1998-99 year.  A full report will be submitted at the ACE-DHH conference in New Orleans.

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