A Note from the President….

I want to begin by saying that it is a privilege for me to be the president of ACE-DHH this year.  For many years I have turned to the members of this organization for guidance and support on everything from instructional materials to programming issues.  It is so nice to belong to a group that has similar teacher preparation challenges and rewards.  As a real bonus, I feel extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful team of officers to work with and during our term we will strive to move the organization forward.

The 1998 ACE-DHH conference was a success with outstanding presentations on a wide variety of topics.  There were approximately 65 members in attendance.  Kudos to Gerry Bateman who graciously hosted the event and the very competent NTID staff that assisted with daily operations. Two features added to the program this year, interactive demonstrations and roundtable discussions, received good reviews.  Both provided an opportunity to address current best practice and share new ideas or innovative activities.  Someone commented to me that they always feel so refreshed after being involved in the conference--I think most of us definitely agree.  Above all, considering the conference was held in Rochester, New York even the weather was cooperative.

Harold Johnson, whose contributions to the organization are numerous, has proposed that ACE-DHH (as an entity of teacher preparation programs in the field of deafness) submit a proposal for federal funding.  Harold put the application, related information and an update on the CED web site for all of us to peruse.  This grant, written under his leadership, will advance the level of collaboration between university programs on a national basis, avoiding duplication of efforts while enhancing fiscal resources.  David Mercaldo and several other members will assist with the process and we look forward to the outcome of this project.  If you would like to subscribe to the listserv, please contact Harold at: hjohnson@educ.kent.edu


Karen Dilka

Legislative Notes….

Congress reauthorized the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 97) last year.  The final regulations are now available on a terrific new web site, designed to be user friendly and easy to download and read. When complete, the new web site will include a fully linked navigation bar and table of contents, a glossary of terms, issue papers of interest to teachers, administrators, and parents, and provide other supporting materials. Check out:  http://www.ideapractices.org

Treasurer’s Report

The following report is an accounting of the organization's main checking and money market account.  As of this date, the conference account from the annual conference in Rochester has not been closed. Those records will be compiled and included in the next treasurer's report.

Checking Account:
as of March 31, 1999:


INTEREST EARNED                      $   69.84
(Membership renewals)        $1600.00


Check Order                 $    19.65
CED dues                 $1500.00
EKU Bookstore
(conference program supplies)       $     14.58
(honorarium, travel, hotel, meal)     $ 1702.34

Conference Programs                     $   101.64

as of March 31, 1999                    $15,009.59

Conference speaker honorarium                          $    500.00
Newsletter costs       $     372.95



as of March 31, 1999                    $17,649.89

Use of TIAA-CREF as a place for our accounts is being investigated.  Once this information is received, a recommendation will be made to the Executive Board regarding putting our funds into a nationally-based company's fund in order to earn higher interest on the money and to avoid having to close accounts every two years.

A credit application for Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans has been completed and submitted for our 2000 conference.