Teacher (Alternative Classroom)
AIDB, Talledega, AL

Teacher (Alternative Classroom)

Salary Range:
$29,466 - 36,765 BS $34,539 - 42,346 MA $36,768 -44,795 AA

Posting Date:
January 7, 2000

Closing Date:
January 19, 2000 will continue to take applications until position is filled

7 hours daily Monday through Friday

Term of Employment:
Regular school year August through May


Summary of Work and Responsibilities: Request/Submit Application To:
AIDB Recruitment and Employment Office
Mr. Dan Wirth
P.O. Box 698
Talladega, AL 35160
phone: (256) 761-3353
e-mail:  dwirt@aidb.state.al.us
To view a complete list of position available see:  www.aidb.org

Uploaded by: Rachel Seelye/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major