Book:  "Top 10 Ways to Raise a Psychologically Healthy Deaf Child"

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Volume 5 Number 7 Barry Strassler, editor
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Introducing "Top 10 Ways to Raise A Psychologically Healthy Deaf Child" (copyrighted)

This list is designed to target psychosocial factors critical for  optimizing the healthy development of children who are deaf and hard of hearing.  The list is based on relevant findings in clinical practice and research and may be helpful for family members as well as mental health providers, educators, and other professionals who work with these children and their families.

This list was created by Lisa Marshall, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist, who is the founder and coordinator of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services at the Virginia Treatment Center for Children in Richmond, Virginia.
Dr. Marshall received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Gallaudet University and
has worked with deaf and hard of hearing children and families for the past several years.

The Top 10 list is available in a 4"X6" color magnet ($3.00/ea) and a  11"X17"
laminated color poster ($8.00/ea).  The magnet and poster are currently available
in English.  The poster will soon be available in Spanish.  Bulk pricing is available.

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