School Psychologist
The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf - Philadelphia, PA

 School Psychologist

Salary Range:
 $30,000 - $51,300

Posting Date:

Closing Date:

 188 work days

Term of Employment:
 Full-Time 10-month position

 Minimum requirements for this position are as follows:
1. Master's Degree in School Psychology.

2. Possess or be eligible for appropriate PA Department of Education

3. Two years experience in a program for Deaf/hard-of-hearing students, or
comparable training/experience.  Knowledge of deafness, its culture and the
effect it has on the development of the child and its influence on the family.  A strong general
understanding of child and adolescent development.  Knowledge and experience
working in a multi-cultural/multi-ethnic educational setting is desirable.

Summary of Work and Responsibilities:
 1. Administer comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations as part of the
enrollment process for new students and biennial re-evaluations of currently
enrolled student.

2. Upon referral, evaluate students who are experiencing educational, social,
and/or emotional adjustment difficulties.

3. As a member of the multi-disciplinary assessment team, share diagnostic
results and appropriate adjustment strategies with parents and/or staff.
Coordinate development of the required Comprehensive Evaluation Reports (CER)
for students assigned by the Director of EETT.  Contribute to the CERs of other students whom you
evaluated (i.e., when the CERs are being coordinated by another staff members).

4. Provide individual, group, play and/or family therapy services to students
and/or their families.

5. Provide consultation services, particularly of an instructional support
nature, to school personnel and/or students/families.  Facilitate students'
adjustment through recommendations regarding behavior support, discussion of
normal development issues, and other forms of insight/support.

6. Serve as case manager for a small caseload of students who have been
assigned as a result of the referral process.  On behalf of these students,
serve as liaison between school, family, and/or community agencies.

7. Participate in student staffings and assist with educational and
social-behavioral problems as needed.

8. Participate in appropriate educational workshops, and serve on appropriate
school committee(s).

9. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of EETT.

Request/Submit Application To:
 Mr. Joseph E. Fischgrund, Headmaster
The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
100 W. School House Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19144-3499

Uploaded by:  Kim Williams/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major