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Many deaf and hard of hearing children do benefit from the use of hearing aids, and many of them are born to hearing parents. Hence, the experience with hearing aids are almost nonexistence for them before they had a deaf or hard of hearing child. Also, there are many different types of hearing tests which would cause confusion for parents and educators. The understanding of the ear anatomy also helps parents to understand how the ear functions and why certain parts of the ear is "not working" for their deaf or hard of hearing child. 

These web sites are chosen that proved helpful for parents and educators who are seeking a clear and concise information on hearing tests, hearing aids and ear anatomy. Information on this web site is intended to supplement Hearing Aid Program Topics in the Home Hearing Aid Program taken directly from The SKI*HI Model: A Resource Manual for Family-Centered Home-Based Programming for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschool-Aged Children with Hearing Impairment.

Developed by Tracey Thompson, Kent State University graduate student, April 2000.