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Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf Culture: Focus on Deaf Culture

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CED Website is the ASL Access located in Alexandria, Virginia. Most deaf children have hearing parents; thus, ASL Access Video Collection serve these families including other numerous students of ASL with dozens of teaching videos. They also offer Deaf literature, history, informational videos. is Cindy's Homepage on ASL and Deaf Culture which gives us information about ASL, interpreting, Deaf Culture, resources, events, discussions and even Cindy herself. Not only you can e-mail her, you can also receive e-mail notification on links of the week, updated changes on the site, news on special events, mailing lists and chat. is a chat room where people can talk, make new friends and discuss issues relating to deafness. is a deaf newspaper where they can obtain news about the deaf community and information on how American deaf community is similar and different from other cultures. is a deaf world web site that shares deaf culture through e-mail, and stories. There are activities for youth. has excellent resources for books and movies about the Deaf community. It's written by Karen Nakamura of Yale University. offers information about deaf community and deaf culture. This is a web site of the National Association of the Deaf, a prominent organization that serves to meet the needs of the deaf people and to fight against discrimination. They also offer topics that impact the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people.

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