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Here are some valuable web sites to obtain more information about Cued Speech: contains definitions, contact persons for more information, online forums, other web links and other resources that can be ordered about Cued Speech. contains instructional material for using Cued Speech and also shows a video of a woman using Cued Speech.

http://www.isl.nt/~cuedspmn contains definitions and helpful hints for using Cued Speech. contains links to journal articles on Cued Speech and a listing of Cued Speech resources. allows you to order a manual which is designed for gaining Cued Speech proficiency. posts an article on the effects that Cued Speech has on language.

For those of you who would like to discuss Cued Speech with other parents via the Internet, here are some places to visit: is a CHAT ROOM where you can get involved by discussing and asking about Cued Speech with other parents and professionals. is a DISCUSSION GROUP where you post topics you want to discuss. Replies are then sent to you on your topic.

Here is a book that is worth checking out on Cued Speech made specifically for parents:

Cornett, R. O. & Daisy, M. E. (1992). The cued speech resource book for parents of deaf children. Raleigh, N.C.: National Cued Speech Association.
Developed by Lisa Matt-Curtis, Kent State University graduate student, April 2000.