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When starting to research which communication methodology is right for your family, here are some good places to start looking on the Internet in addition to the SKI*HI resources: is the Deaf Education Web Site, which provides a list of organizations, resources, technology, and legal rights. is a CHAT ROOM used by parents only to discuss all communication and education options for their children who are deaf or hard of hearing. is an electronic network for families to communicate with other families that are choosing communication options. is another site where parents can search for information on all communication methodologies. has a listing of listservs and one of them is for parents only. Parents can post messages and questions for others to reply to about communication methodologies. offers support to the parents of deaf and hard of hearing children. It gives information on hearing loss, deafness, and communication methodologies.

Here are some books to check out, which can be purchased on any major online bookstores such as or

Schwartz, Sue (Ed.) (1996). Choices in deafness: A parent's guide to communication options (2nd Edition). Bethesda, MD: Woodbine House. 
This book examines every communication methodology. Each method is fully explained and resources are provided for each method. The book also is complied of stories from parents and their children who have used each method of communication.

Lane, H. L. (1996). A journey into the deaf-world. San Diego, CA: DawnSign Press.

Developed by Lisa Matt-Curtis, Kent State University graduate student, April 2000.