Suggestions for Helping Families Learn and Use ASL and Learn about Deaf Culture

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There are many deaf and hard of hearing organizations that meets the needs of both populations. Several are national and do have state and local organizations. National Association of the Deaf is the prominent organization established over 100 years ago and has an excellent web site with many links to other organizations, This web site,, provides the various addresses and contact information of different organizations. where you click on Info to Go under National Deaf Education Network and Clearinghouse category on their web site. 

Becoming involved in the deaf community is very essential to the deaf child once the family decides upon the ASL as the communication methodology. To find ways of how to get involved, here are the web sites that would help families to get started:, and where there are deaf schools' web links are located.

Deaf mentors provide valuable information for parents about ASL and Deaf community and can be reached by contacting the local and/or state deaf associations. Here are some information about the program at these web sites:

Establishing contact with other families who have learned ASL can be difficult; however, there are some websites that are targeted towards families with deaf children:

Information on Deaf culture and ASL on the Internet is tremendous. However, here are some web sites that has quality information:

ASL videotapes and printed materials are available for purchase and/or borrowing online and they are:

There are ASL online dictionaries that may be helpful for parents to review the signs and they are:

To learn certain ASL linguistic principles (such as facial expressions, classifiers, negative incorporation, directionality, etc.), here are some excellent web resources:

Developed by Beth Pickenpaugh, Kent State University graduate student, April 2000.