Helping Parents Deal with the

Emotional Realities of Raising a

Child who is deaf or hard of hearing

By Michelle Weber

Purpose:Finding out that a child is deaf or hard of hearing (d/hh) can be extremely stressful and overwhelming to a parent. The purpose of this portfolio is to examine the emotions parentís of d/hh children often feel, explain why the emotions occur, and to provide coping strategies for those emotions. Additional information regarding available services and supplemental resources will also be provided. The intent is for early interventionists and related professionals to use this information to help parents deal with their emotions, which will in turn allow them to focus on what they CAN do for their child, as well as enjoy spending time with their child.

Format:The following website is organized by seven (7) questions concerning the emotional realities parents face. Each question has been researched and the information provided will include: resources utilized, synthesis of the information gathered, my insights, and additional resources on the topic in a bibliography. Due to time constraints, I was unable to gather all the information possible.


1.    What is a good story that gives an overview of what families go through?
2.    What are the typical emotional stages that parents with children who are d/hh go through?
3.    How can professionals help families through the initial stages of denial and rationalization?
4.    How can professionals comfort families during the secondary stages of shock, grief
      and helplessness?
5.    How can professionals support families through the latter stages of frustration, anger, and
6.    How can a professional guide parents realize what both they and the child CAN do during
      adaptation and acceptance?
7.    What are some general strategies for dealing all the realities of deafness?

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About Michelle Weber

I am a teacher of deaf/hard of hearing students in northwest Ohio. I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelors degree in special education. This portfolio was completed during graduate level courses in early intervention of d/hh infants and toddlers at Kent State University.