Vision Loss With Hearing Loss:  The Dual Sensory Impairment
by:  KathAster....That's Me!!
                        A special education teacher
                         from Northeast Ohio!!

Purpose: The purpose of this portfolio is to provide early interventionists and parents with information regarding the dual sensory impairment known as deaf-blindness. Within this portfolio, there will be a definition of this dual sensory impairment, information on some of the causes or etiologies of deaf-blindness, information on vision and hearing screenings for infants at risk for this dual impairment, and examples of instructional materials used with young children. The meaning of my portfolio is to share information about this impairment and provide resources that will be of help to teachers and parents.

Format: The following web site is organized by six (6) questions pertaining to various aspects of deafblindness. I have researched each question and then provided the following information: Resources that I used, synthesis of the information obtained, my insights, and a bibliography with other resources I felt might be useful for teachers and parents.


  1. What is deaf-blindness?
  2. What are the causes or etiologies of deaf-blindness?
  3. Is there a vision screening for infants and toddlers at risk for this dual sensory impairment?
  4. What type of assessments is available to determine the range of cognitive and developmental abilities with infants and toddlers who are deaf-blind?
  5. What type of early intervention curriculums is available to use with infants and toddlers with visual and hearing impairments, and their families?
  6. What are some methods for communicating with infants and toddlers who have both visual and hearing impairments?
Key Terms: Key terms are highlighted in red within the web site. If you click on the highlighted word, it will connect you to the definition that is provided on the key terms page.

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