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Objective 2.1: Instructional Competence

Team Leaders:
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David Martin
Gallaudet University, DC (Retired)
508-420-0224 V / 508-420-1588 F
IP Address:

Nanci Scheetz
Valdosta State University, GA
229-219-1322 V
IP Address:

You are invited to become involved! Following is a selection of possible activities for this Objective:

Help us recruit math or science certified teachers who are teaching students who are deaf/hard of hearing.
  • Identify one or more middle school or high school teachers certified in math and/or science.
  • Make a personal contact on our behalf to identified individuals, sharing with them that we will be contacting them regarding our project and possibly inviting them to become involved.
  • Share with us the names and contact information of the teachers you identified and contacted.

Objective's Overall Goals (as outlined in grant proposal):
  1. Conduct a needs assessment of the instructional best practices that are used by the nationís master teachers (MT) of PK-12 of students who are d/hh. Outcome: Baseline empirical data.

  2. Conduct action research concerning the academic (i.e., literacy, mathematics and science) performance on state-mandated examinations and/or the Stanford Achievement Test Ė Hearing Impaired of the MTís PK-12 students who are d/hh. Outcome: Increase in the knowledge base.

  3. Disseminate resulting research and offer professional development support for its use to d/hh preservice teachers, their faculty, MT and the entire community of practice (CoP). Outcome: Increase in knowledge base and use of instructional best practices by d/hh preservice teachers, their faculty and MT.

  4. Conduct follow-up research on the impact of the disseminated information on d/hh teacher preparation programs and their preservice teachersí demonstration of instructional best practices competence. Outcome: Empirical evidence.

  5. Disseminate the follow-up research concerning the integration of instructional best practices and academic performance information into d/hh teacher preparation programs and d/hh preservice teachersí instructional best practices competence. Outcome: Increase in the magnitude of the grantís impact by assisting institutions of higher education (IHEs) in informing their faculty of the existence and use of instructional best practices that enhance the academic performance of students who are d/hh.

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