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Objective 1.1: Technology Infrastructure

Team Leaders:
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Karen Warren
American School of the Deaf, CT
860-570-1878 V

Tom McNeal
Kent State University, OH
330-672-9801 V / 330-672-2498 F
IP Address:

You are invited to become involved! Following is a selection of possible activities in which you may participate; for more information contact one of this Team's Leaders:
  • Participate in video conferencing system testing.

  • Share your current knowledge of, or be willing to help investigate, Closed Captioning of captured video conferenced presentations.

Objective's Overall Goals (as outlined in grant proposal):
  1. Conduct a needs assessment of the Consortium Members (CM), institutes of higher education (IHE), state educational agencies (SEA) and local educational agencies (LEA) to determine access to and competency with Web-based video conferencing. Outcome: Baseline empirical data.

  2. Provide assistance in the purchase of necessary Web-based video conferencing equipment for use at IHE, SEA and LEA. Outcome: Increased Web-based video conferencing capability.

  3. Provide technical and professional development support for the establishment of Web-based video-conference links among IHE, SEA, LEA and CM. Outcome: Establishment of a virtual professional development school (VPDS) for the field of d/hh education.

  4. Conduct research concerning the use of Web-based videoconferencing by CM, IHE, SEA and LEA with the larger community of practice (CoP) in the completion of project activities and the resulting impact of this use on the reform of d/hh teacher preparation programs. Outcome: Increase in knowledge base.

  5. Disseminate research information on the use of Web-based video conferencing by CM, IHE, SEA and LEA and the impact of this use on the reform of d/hh teacher preparation programs. Outcome: Increase in the magnitude of the grantís impact by assisting IHE in their awareness, understanding and use of advanced technologies to facilitate collaborative activities and to reform teacher preparation.

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