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Join Together Goals and Objectives Overview

If you will be working under one of these Topical Teams, the specific language to be used on your Choice submission forms is to be determined in consultation with each objective's Team Leader(s).

Participation Area Title/Description Team Leader(s)
Goal 1 Reform of U.S. d/hh teacher preparation
Harold Johnson
Obj. 1.1 Technology Infrastructure Tom McNeal & Karen Warren
Obj. 1.2/2.3 Faculty Technology Competence/ Technology Competence Karen Dilka & Liz Parker/Maribeth Lartz & Shelley Popson Ardis
Obj. 1.3 Preservice Teacher Diversity Sharon Baker & Joyce Daugaard
Obj. 1.4 Multi-state Certification & Preparation Kate Reynolds
Goal 2 Teaching Competence of Preservice Teachers Katharine Stephens Slemenda
Obj. 2.1 Instructional Competence David Martin & Nanci Scheetz
Obj. 2.2 Content Competence Susan Easterbrooks, Elaine Gale, & Brenda Stephenson
Obj. 2.3/1.2 Technology Competence/Faculty Technology Competence Maribeth Lartz & Shelley Popson Ardis/Karen Dilka & Liz Parker
Obj. 2.4 Assessment Competence Sandy Bowen & John Luckner

Information regarding time expectations and cost share
  • Cost Share: This Join Together deaf ed. project, which is federally funded by the U.S. Department of Education's PT3 initiative, has a dollar-for-dollar cost share (or "match") requirement. We are meeting this requirement with a conservatively calculated estimate of the value of each person's time spent on each Choice activity (minus monies paid for the Choice work).

  • Hours of Work: To accomplish the above, calculations of cost share are based on our expectation that, at a minimum, the work completed under each Choice will represent approximately 25 hours of time (50 hours for student workers e.g., graduate assistants and pre-service teachers). Submission of Choice pre-proposals and post reports serve to document this time and cost share value.

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