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Bullying: Information & Resources

According to the National Education Association, 1 in 7 children grades KG to 12 are impacted by bullying in one way or another. Whether the bullying is done in person or through technology the ramifications to the recipient can be very detrimental. More interest is directed towards this topic now as it impacts so many children today. Recent research has yielded some information about what may lend to someone engaging in bullying behavior as well as what may make someone more susceptible to becoming a victim of bullying. Many questions were posed about how this may impact children with disabilities and more specifically those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. This wiki page is set up to provide sharing of information and links to view for accessing a greater understanding about bullying, how it impacts all children, including those who have disabilities and those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

U.S. Dept. of Ed. Office for Civil Rights
Florida Department of Education
  • Bullying Prevention
    • Bullying/Harassment Definition
    • Bullying Resources
    • Bullying Resources for Educators
      • How can I create a bully-free school environment?
    • Bullying Resources for Parents
      • How can I support my child if he or she is bullied at school?
    • Bullying Resources for Youth

ODYSSEY Magazine: New Directions in Deaf Education
Bullying Guideposts

Describe and Captioned Media Program DCMP)
PACER Center- Champions for Children with Disabilities
Ability Path
  • Walk-A-Mile-In-Their Shoes(Full Report)
    • Table of Contents
      • The Overview: Walk a Mile in Their Shoes
      • The Testimonials: A first hand perspective from parents and children
      • The Targets: Why children with special needs are frequent targets
      • The Statistics: A snapshot of bullying, schools and a child with special needs
      • The Signs: What every parent should know about bullying
      • The Cyberbully: Bullying in the age of Facebook and YouTube
      • The Teachable Moment: Opportunities in the classroom to educate
      • The IEP: Addressing bullying with a child’s IEP
      • The Law: Parents’ rights in combatting bullying
      • The Experts: Learning best practices from parents of children with special needs
      • Anti-Bully Program: Do anti-bullying programs work for children with special needs
      • The Call To Action: What each of us can do to Disable Bullying
      • Resources
        • Parent Toolkit: Signs that your child with special needs may be a victim of a bully
        • Parent Toolkit: Five steps parents can take to protect their child with special needs from bullies
        • Parent Toolkit: Ten tips to protect your child with special needs online
        • Parent Toolkit: Social skills and helping your child with special needs make friends
        • Parent Toolkit: Snapshot profile about your child with special needs
        • Parent Toolkit: Bullying and your classroom
American Psychological Association: Questions for bullying expert Susan Swearer, Ph.D.

School Tube Captioned Bullying Prevention Month Video

KiVa: An innovative school based anti bullying program which has been developed using cutting-edge research on bullying and its mechanisms

Self-Advocacy for Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, 2nd Edition by Kristina English

University of Colorado Model Programs

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